Aki Nahuwaan Rehi (Duet With Ina)

by Aaron Gibson



My friend Matt, in Ambon, made a number of recordings and sent them to some friends and family to see if anyone would be inclined to add an accompaniment or full production. I love Matt’s music, so I listened as soon as I could. The first track I listened to was a song called “Aki Nahuwaan Rehi”, a girl’s voice singing a cappella, beautiful and slightly haunting. I loved the song right away.
For about four months I have been increasingly distracted from my musical pursuits by the deluge of life’s demands and distractions. If nothing else, this project can be credited with getting me back into writing and recording mode, but it became much more than that to me. I carved out time to work on it, and went to the studio (or the corner of my room designated as my studio). Just then, I received word that my dear mother had a terrible injury in Beijing and that her old fight with cancer was back and spreading. Half a world away, I could be no help, nor of any comfort to her, so after a bit I decided to do my work.
With the view of my workstation now a bit obscured by tears, I went ahead with it. Working through Ina’s song was a balm for my soul. I still have no idea of what all of the words are, but the music carried me through the void and brought some peace to my house. I have since learned that the words were written by a man named Semi and that the song is spiritual; something to do with God carefully placing dew on the leaves in a contextual reinterpretation a scripture.


released December 24, 2014
Written by Semuel Lainata
Vocals by Esri (Ina) Laimeheriwa
Bass parts by Aaron Gibson
Vocal recording by Matthew Conner



all rights reserved