Full Dark

by Aaron Gibson



released November 20, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Full Dark (Single Version)
I cut my feet on shards of rock
walking on your streets of gold
just can’t find the time to talk to you no more

It is written and then spoken of
but can gilded stories be true

I may be disenchanted but I
guess I’m not angry at you

Now, the earth is for the meek
but I’m not tamable, tamable
But, I can turn the other cheek
like you been doing through time

Is it not really ours to speak of justice for our own
guess you’d say this world is not our…home
and could we be running out of time, time, time
maybe the problem ain’t …yours but mine

then, shit yeah, I got
questions for you bro
hope I’m not asking too much
I’m just concerned with my own flesh and blood

Is it not really ours to speak of justice for our own
you’d just say this world is not our home

I had thought for years that there was something that held us upright
but now I see,
and now I fear
and now I fear
it's not the smudge upon my glasses
making things unclear
so I can’t find my way home.